Xj3D Rigid Body Physics Examples

Simple Body and Joints

Nothing is visible in this example. It just shows how to connect a collection of bodies together with joints to form a single model.
RigidBodyCollection {
  bodies [
    DEF B1 RigidBody {}
    DEF B2 RigidBody {}
  joints [
    BallJoint {
	  body1 USE B1
	  body2 USE B2

Driving Car

Shows how to implement a car navigation model using the physics engine. Also includes a 3rd person camera that follows the car's motion. This also uses the xj3d_IODevice component for Gamepad and Driving Wheel input. The keyboard cursor keys can be used as a substitute.

Driving Car Example

Bouncing Ball

Shows a simple ball bouncing on the ground.

Bouncing Ball Example

Single Hinge

Shows a swinging single hinge joint example.

Single Hinge Example

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