Xj3D Multitexturing Extensions

Component: texture
Level: 3

Multi-texturing is a technique that blends multiple images (textures) together to get a single rendered effect. Each layer is combined with the previous layers using different mathematical interpretations in order to achieve the desired outcome. Typical uses of this technique is used for creating bumpy surfaces, lighting effects without using real lights and mirrors.

Our work is based on the original Multi-texturing proposal from Blaxxun and is designed to be part of the X3D specification draft. We didn't like the way a few of the nodes were put together as it was inconsistent in its approach. We did a bit of re-organisation of the nodes and this is what we will be submitting to the X3D Spec team for formal inclusion in the spec.

Node Descriptions


Implementation Notes

Not all modes are currently supported. These are what we can handle today:

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