Apart from companies and institutes providing financial support for the project, we also need to cut code, documentation and more. Here is a list of those to praise or blame for the Xj3D project. Free beer at conferences is always appreciated!

Don BrutzmanDocumentation and bug reports
Mirek BorskyBug fixes
Guy CarpenterCode hacker
Nikolai V ChristensenTesting and bug reports
Justin CouchArchitect and code hacker
Duane DavisTesting and bug reports
Russ DoddsCode hacker
Leonard DalyDocumentation and bug reports
Todd DruryBug Fixes
Doug GehringerOriginal implementation
Rick GoldbergOriginal implementation, vecmath, mobile renderer
Vivian GottesmanDIS featues
James HarneyTesting and bug reports
Alan HudsonProject manager and code hacker
Andrzej KapolkaCode hacker
Franck KolbCode hacker
Stephen MatsubaDocumentation and testing
Rex MeltonCode hacker, Automated Testing System and bug reports
Douglas MaxwellBug fixes
Philip MonteBug fixes
Brad VenderCode hacker
Joe WilliamsDocumentation
Ben YargerCode Hacker

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