Xj3D Developer Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of the Xj3D codebase. Here you will find (eventually) all the documentation about how the code is put together and the hows and why of what this project is.

As a simple summary, Xj3D is the implementation of the VRML97 specification and an experimental implementation of the in-progress X3D specification using the Java language and environment. The code is a toolkit, rather than a browser, so the assumptions and optimisations are going to be different to what you would expect to see in a purely browser-oriented codebase. In particular we provide VRML rendering capabilities in multiple different technologies. It serves a dual purpose of being an experimental codebase for trying out new areas of the specification and as a library that we encourage application developers to use within their own application to support X3D technology.

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Xj3D employs a number of licenses, dependent on the intended use of the code. The core license for the library is the GNU LGPL. We also use the GNU GPL and BSD licenses for various subsections of the codebase. Please read the License reference for more information about where each license is used. A copy of this information and license text may be found under the docs directory of the codebase.

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